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  • haru: *constantly pushed and stressed out over anxieties and worries to the point of losing focus of what he loves*
  • rin: *takes him away from that bad place*
  • rin: *takes his mind off of everything*
  • rin: *apologizes for being one of the people to stress him out*
  • rin: *talks to him calmly and brings up happy memories*
  • rin: *makes haru genuinely happy*
  • rin: *THEN shows him something great to help him think about his future*
  • haru: *realizes what he's wanted all along, not just because he saw a fucking pool*
  • morons in the fandom: THis EpisODE WAS sihT!!!! KYONAI IS TtraSH!! HARU hadN O develoPEMENT!!1111!!!! here is my novel length essay explaining why!! i didn't grasp anything from the past two seasons!